Mr. Mahama was the 4th President of the Fourth Republic of Ghana. He was popularly elected for a four-year term (January 07, 2013 – January 06, 2017) on December 07, 2012.

Born on November 29, 1958 to a Christian father and a Muslim mother in Damongo, a rural community in the Northern Region of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama at an early age came to appreciate, personally, the beauty and strength in diversity.

A student of history and later communications, John Dramani Mahama made history by being the first President of Ghana to serve in all levels of political office– Member of Parliament for Bole-Bamboi Constituency, Deputy Minister for Communications, Minister for Communications, Vice President and eventually President of the Republic of Ghana.

As President, John Dramani Mahama chaired the Authority of Heads of State and Government of the West African regional body, ECOWAS, and also served as Chairperson of the Africa Union’s High-Level African Trade Committee.
Considered one of the most trying periods for ECOWAS during which the sub-region experienced the outbreak of the deadly EBOLA virus, political instability in Burkina Faso, election-related issues in Togo and Nigeria among others, President Mahama is highly credited and won international praise for his handling of these issues.

His singular and selfless devotion to the people of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone did not only result in one of the fastest deployment of international humanitarian and health support to the region, saving thousands of lives in the process and also ensuring an early return to normalcy in these countries.

John Mahama is an avid reader, author and historian. Over the course of his career he has written for several newspapers and authored a number of publications. He published in 2012, his first book, a memoir entitled ‘My First Coup D’etat and other true stories from the lost decades of Africa’.

John Mahama considers the combination of the study of history, communications and social psychology as having had a profound impact on shaping his views, thoughts and understanding of the human condition and have contributed significantly to making him the person he is today.

Apart from his love of reading and acquiring knowledge, President Mahama has a keen interest in Technology and being a farmer himself, in Agriculture. President Mahama had intimate knowledge of and love for Agriculture from a young age, when his father was a prominent rice farmer and teacher.

He is particularly interested in finding the most effective ways to improve agricultural productivity and works to encourage more young people to see farming as a viable business and not a subsistence activity. His passion for Agriculture led to the birth of the Savanna Accelerated Development Authority (which is referred to by the acronym SADA) to create new opportunities for people living in the Savanna areas of the country, which includes the Upper East, Upper West and Northern Regions, and the northern parts of the Brong-Ahafo and Volta Regions.

Even on official assignments outside of the country, Mr. Mahama liked to take advantage of opportunities to visit agricultural establishments and update himself on current trends and developments.

At the core of his love for the promotion of agriculture, he says, is reflected in Goal 2 of the SDGs: ‘‘End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.’’

While in office, Mr. Mahama promoted girls and women’s interest at all levels. It was during his administration that Ghana attained gender parity in basic education. He also ensured the appointment of many women to high positions in his administration. This included the Minister for Foreign Affairs, the Attorney General, Special Advisers, Ghana’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations among many others.

He also nominated for appointment, Ghana’s first Chairperson of the Electoral Commission, and also Ghana’s First Female Chair of the Council of State was also nominated to the Council by President Mahama.

President Mahama is a man of many talents and accomplishments, who committed himself to fulfilling the vision of Transforming the Lives of Ghanaians by focusing on Jobs, Stability and Infrastructural Development.